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     Edward David Jones was born a southern boy in the City of New Orleans, La.  at Charity hospital. He attended Harden Elementary school until the age of 9, and lived at 2301Tubelo St.  There is no doubt in my mind he was born a naturalist. Dave, as his friends call him, just wanted to play outside.

      Dave tells about the values his mother taught him. There were always summer school lessons taught by his mother. Instead of playing all day long, he had to attend, whether he wanted to, or not.  Now he is happy that she taught him to study. The most important lessons of David's life, were "always be learning, and do what you need to do, if you want to, or not". "Miss Ivy", was a teacher at Dave's elementary school, and her reputation preceded her. She cared about her students, and formed a desire to learn in them, that would serve their entire lives.   

     Dave's "the born naturalist" favorite animals were birds.  He would take eggs out of nests, and try to incubate them.  He could only keep them alive for a few days, until he figured out how best to feed them.  One day he found pigeon chicks, just hatched, abandoned in a building.  Dave took the two babies home and figured out how to feed them using a straw.  He sucked some mixed corn meal grits and milk into a straw, and gently blew it into their gullets.  It worked, and they grew up thinking Dave was their momma.  The growing pigeons would recognize and fly to Dave, over a block away, hover over him, and land on his out reached hand, imploring him to feed them.  All the other kids thought Dave was special because birds flew to him, but Dave knew basically, they were just hungry.

     Young Dave, waded, and fished, in a gator filled swamp just over the levy, from his home.  He walked with buckets along the railroad track during Spring to pick up all the little turtles born on land, and help them into the water.  Rescuing animals came naturally to Dave, and he still has a passion for those who need help.

     The very first thing future builder/ inventor Dave built was a treehouse, in a China Ball tree.  The China Ball tree was very important to the kids as they used the fruit, called, china balls, as bullets in pop guns, made out of abandoned hose pipe.  That's another story, best left for another day. 

     Growing up in Chicago was an education in itself.  One only had to live there  exist and survive, to consider oneself educated in life. After graduation, Dave went back south to Johnson C. Smith University.  He got to college on a hope and prayer, and a one-thousand-dollar loan from his mother.  The loan got me him on campus.  Dave tried out for every sports team available.   He landed a position on the swimming team.   Dave won a full scholarship by swimming for Johnson C Smith University, in Charlotte NC.  1971 – 1976.


     Dave graduated in 1976 with BS degree in PE.  At which time he relocated to Chicago, and started life as an adventurous young man.  He tried his hand at construction work, and entered into a business opportunity, with investors, to start a construction company.  Dave left Chicago in 1979 to relocate in Minneapolis, Mn.  In 1981 he, attended Ceta CDI computer classes and began a career as a computer engineer.  He was working on Cray Research super computers in Chippewa falls Wi.   This was the beginning of an illustrious career as a computer engineer, working for various Fortune 500 companies.   1982 until early 2013 Dave's main source of income was derived from working with computers, but his farm fed his soul.  He attended Master Gardner classes at UC, and in 2015 and was re-awakened to a world that he had been in love with since early life as a child on the farm in New Orleans.   Dave now owns Ivory Farms, raising and rescuing animals and birds.  Dave keeps and rescues, Flemish Giant rabbits, guinea pigs, peacocks, chickens, and worms.  He started composting with worms, making and selling worm tea, and compost and is loving it.  Selling worms, compost, guinea pigs and rabbits was a lesson in how to love your work.  The symbiotic existence between animals and plants is fruitful and rewarding.   

     Dave is presently about developing his Patented Water Reclamation product, and how to help clean up the environment.  He has started a non-profit organization with a board of directors and a consultant.  Always motivated by nature, the condition of our environment has been a concern.  When Dave is motivated about something, he just has to do something about it. The Water Reclamation device he created and patented was first built some 35 years ago.  Yes, he has been a closet activist for 35 years.  Back then, laws were not in his favor with respect to gray water systems.  Today is a new day, and with new laws we can see light at the end of the tunnel.  People are now excited about his solutions.

     Two years ago Dave took classes at the UC Davis Master Gardeners Program, and found the course very educational and enlightening.   He benefited immensely from knowledge derived from the course.  Dave believes knowledge can never be taken away from you.   He awakened to the fact that he is a natural born activist and wants to make an impact on people and the environment.  Knowledge has no borders, so educating people around the world is his goal.

Dave's life has taken many turns, so I will start this environmental story at 28 years ago. He had just married for the first time and was living in Santa Clara California, and owned his first home.  Dave had a successful job as a computer engineer, and life was good.  Calm and cool in appearance and demeanor, inside Dave burned a fire.  Out in the world he saw a too much garbage, disease, pollution, crime, pestilence, and damage.  He wanted to do something about it.      

     Then the drought hit hard here in California.  One day perplexed by it all, he thought himself, what can I do, but sit here and complain about everything ?  What is going to happen to the world if we all just sit here and complain, and no one does enough to fix anything?   Dave is a doer, always building things, fixing this or that, so he thought about saving water.  All its power to sustain, to heal, sooth, and provide life to us all, no matter what your struggle is, you going to need water.  Dave focused upon these facts.  He decided to create a system to save water from the shower and sink, and recycle it to a lawn and toilet applications.  It turned out to be quite successful and applicable at the time. One day he called the local TV station, channel 11, and spoke to a young reporter lady named Penny Nikamuri.  She thought it was a great story and did an interview about his new system.   Below is a copy of the interview, some 28 years ago.  

     This video was created 1990, it depicts Dave's first invention the "Water Monitoring System". Interview was conducted by channel 11 news.


     This is where the dream began.  Dave conceived the concept of the WRC, (Water Reclamation Canister)  It was called " Walley Whale ".  By having the WMS system attached to his, Dave was able to gain data.  Valuable research was conducted on his home as a result of having this system on it.  He came to the realization of just how much water was passing through a house.  He only had a family of 3 at the time but was alarmed at how much water was "wasted".   Dave found out that the average house hold uses an average 40 to 50 thousand gallons of water a month, depending upon the size of the family and whether they had a pool or were yard watering, it all added up.  He also started thinking about ice, and how much water was used to make the ice, that was thrown away daily. Ice as a resource, that could return water to the earth.  Ice is an everyday part of life for most of us. 

     Below is a picture of the device I called "Walley Whale".  It was supposed to allow/attract the patron or waiter to throw in the cup of used ice.  Ice, which is fresh gray water, goes into the mouth of the whale where melted ice would flow into the WMS allowing it to be re-used for restaurant toilets and lawns.  The one major problem he had was getting the ice to melt quickly, and not clog the flow.    It was a problem for a busy working father, to invent a way to get the ice to melt properly, and Dave shelved the concept for decades, but never forgot it.  Dave never gave up. Persistence, perseverance, and a whole lot of patience, and trial and error led to success. Close to 27 years' worth of patience, and inventing, and the result is finally a working product with patent in hand.



              The " Walley Whale "





                            THE ICE CUBE FACTS: 

         It is not known for certain who invented the ice cube. Doctor John Gorrie built a refrigerator in 1844 to aid his yellow fever patients. Some historians believe that this refrigerator contained some form of ice cube tray because he gave his patients iced drinks.

         An ice cube melts faster in water than it does in air, given equal circumstances. Heat-energy is needed in order for an ice cube to melt. Heat-energy travels faster through water than it does through air.  After you drink off the liquid, the cube can stay frozen up to 30min+.


         a. An Ice cube can weigh up to 5+grams.

         b. A cup of ice cubes, depending upon the size of the cup can weigh up to 1+ lbs.

         c. Ten cups of ice cubes can weigh up to 9+ lbs.

         d. An average 32lb BLACK LINER BAG can contain up to 30+ cups of ice water, and extra 40+ lbs  in each BLACK LINER BAG…

         e.  Water makes up 70% of weight in each BLACK LINER BAG..

         f.   Cups take up 60% of space in each BLACK LINER BAG

         g. In an average day, American restaurants collectively create a Great Lake of ice for drinking water, and other beverage consumption.  This is equal to 113 trillion, million gallons of water per day, that bypasses our sewer system going straight to BLACK LINER BAGs, and into our landfills.  There it becomes a part of Toxic Waste Water, ie: garbageThis is a Great toll on our Earth, as it removes our surface water, and speeds up the effect of "Global Warming". It is very preventable.


         These facts, and Dave's re-use concept. is the driving force for the present day system called the WRC. " Water Reclamation Canister".


     This is why he created the Water Reclamation Canister.  It is an interactive water reclamation system, ie: liquid trash can…  Every restaurant already has employees. The wait staff or table busser, throws ice away. Now we have a system to recycle it.   The WRC can melt the ice quickly, and direct it for re-use.   The WRC is now the most important invention since the Ice Cube.   The culmination of a 29-year-old dream.  Dave's patented invention.


           The Water Reclamation Canister.





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