Headline text: Edward Jones's New Book "The Aftermeal" Is An Insightful Work That Takes The Time To Explain How Everyday Trash Is Destroying The Earth, And What To Do To Save It. 


         Full press release text: Edward Jones, a former school teacher, software/hardware engineer for major fortune 500 companies, a trained Master Gardener, and passionate environmental activist, has just received a patent on a revolutionary new product the "Water Rechalmation Canister", and has completed his most recent book "The Aftermeal": a gripping and intense look at what is created in landfills worldwide from the innocent mixing of chemicals, and how it is destroying the planet. Edward feels passionate about protecting this planet that we inhabit. He says, "I have dived back into my past only to come to the realization that being one with the universe is the way to go.. I am starting to live a new life, having been reborn with a healthy respect for life and the lives of other animals that inhabit this world and my place in it." Published by Fulton Books, Edward Jones's book invites the reader to unlearn the last 90 years of bad habits with respect to earths natural resources, trash and post-packaging and learn about alternatives to creating liquid toxic poison that goes into landfills, how is it created, how is it made, what it's doing to our fresh water streams, rivers, oceans, countries, thusly the world. Now imagine not being able to do anything about it because there are no the simple systems in place to allow people to stop killing each other, or the air, water, and seas. Or because humans are too lazy to stop for a minute and think about what it is that they are throwing away, our world.  This "doer", explains the necessity for creating such products as his new patented invention the 'Water Reclamation Canister'.  Join the revolution against global warming and creating garbage, eliminating toxic liquids with changing just one bad habit, the mixing of liquids with everyday trash. Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase "The Aftermeal" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble. 


10/15 and 10/16 

Ww started working with K12 students at Cunningham school in Turlock Ca.  With permission of the Principal Tami Truax, Joy Gonzales and others we put together a Vermicolog workshop showing a model of energy flow from plants, animals, polinators, decomposers into healthy rich organic contents. 


11/4/18  New patnership iin development with SeaQuest Aquarium in Folsom CA.   To be announced soon.


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US Patented Water Reclamation Canister launches Kickstarter Campaign!



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