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     The battle to clean up our water, begins with cleaning up our earth!…
This sleak modern potable water recycling system,  eliminates the creation of toxic waste which collects in all black liner garbage bags, when we throw away cups of ice which is contained in most all drinks  into the trash.   A place to toss undrank potable table water and other misused potable water. Easily separates ice  from various liquids and melts it for use in lawn or toilet applications.  
WRC single unit 1

“WRC” Learn the proper way to recycle trash. Do not combine liquids and solids in the black liner bag.

    The importance of recycling and reclaiming water has never been more important. With the droughts around the world in such places such as California makes the need for making water go farther very important. The need to have the ability to recycle and reclaim water has never been greater. For the first time ever we have created the proper receptor for liquid waste products.  By having the proper receptor for liquid waste, we no longer have to mix liquids and solid waste which combines various elements and animal waste with vegetable waste which mixes to create toxic waste which goes straight to our landfills in the form of lechtate.

     Daily, American restaurants collectively create a great lake of Ice for drinking water, and other beverage consumption.  This is very necessary though as many of our drinks are prepared for the purpose of including ice.  The only problem with this is what we do with it just after we are finished drinking.  This is equal to 113 trillion, million gallons of water per day, that usually gets thrown away, literally.  Very fresh water, in the form of ice, bypasses our sewer system going straight to black liner garbage bags, in the form of cups of ice, thusly contributing to the leachate filling our landfills. Yes, the majority of weight in garbage is water, the majority of space used in garbage is from cups.

These contents of the black liner garbage bags once contaminated will remain contaminated for an undeterminable amount of time since its makeup can and will never be determined.   It’s just called toxic liquid waste now, after liquids mix with all the chemicals and elements within the black liner garbage bags, it is no longer trash.  It has now become garbage. Very difficult to recycle, this will stay contaminated for decades now.   This is what we are determined to battle, this is why we created the WRC, water reclamation canister, to prevent trash from becoming garbage in the first place.  Fresh table water “potable water” which is not consumed by customers can be readily recycled to be used for lawn or toilet use, by having service personel, i,e. “waiters, waitresses”, simply empty this resource “potable water” into the WRC, water reclamation canister.   From which it is recycled into holding tank to be processed and filtered for lawn or toilet use.  This can reduce total water consumption of by over 40% depending upon the total lawn or toilet use of a particular building.