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“WRC” patented liquid waste reclamation canister.

    ” OMT “ or One Man Trash founded by David Jones. OMT specializes on Water Reclamation Canister “ WRC “, that focuses on recycling. Making sure ” trash or post-packaging  ” is not turned in ” garbage “.   We are a group of highly motivated individuals who are looking for similar individuals who realize that we can make a difference in this worlds atmosphere  and help to restore the balance on this earths surface. And the most important thing that we all can do starts with paying attention to the “ Aftermeal ”, What happens to it just after we finish consuming each and every meal…  We are out to change the way people think about “ trash and  garbage “.  You see “ Toxic waste water “ is created when we mix liquids with other items such as  colored paper, vegetable and animal waste or leftovers.  ” garbage ” is a man made problem, it does not exist naturally until we create it.  Trash and post-packaging are the same thing, and most of these items are recyclable, not until we mix liquids in the mix does it become ” garbage “.

     Water Reclamation Canister is a  gray water system ” that separates ice from liquids and other drinks  using a filter.   So that YOU will be enticed to empty that cup of ice or potable water in a proper environment suited to handle wet items prior to tossing it in the trash…


   Ice/water is universal solvent, allowing all other elements, bacteria to freely grow and mix causing toxicity and garbage. 

        Most restaurants make and harvest over 2000 gallons of ice per day, which gets tossed into the black liner bag, or goes wasted into the sewer system.  Once ice is melted, it can supply most restaurants with enough fresh “gray water “  to flush their toilets or water their plants, without using fresh drinking water for same task.  Presently many convenience stores will provide large containers full of ice and cans of soda to be pre-cooled for the customers, once this ice water is melted it can be emptied into the WRC for dispersement into a lawn or toilet application or other useful target, other than the sewer system…

     If you are reading this info it is because you too care about our environment, enough to join us in our mission to save our planet.  So, that they can continue to fight their battles.  All I know is that there are two types of people in the world today, those who watch it happen, and those who make it happen.              Proceeds from sale of this book would favor development of systems conducive to further the longevity of all life on earth.  Care, we’re all in this boat together.   We at OMT are about developing systems which suffice the longevity of life on earth,  system to facilitate  proper recycling of trash or packaging which is our earths natural resources.  Thusly giving them a second chance at life.

We at OMT are out to change the way you think about trash which is only post-packaging, with a focus on the “ AFTERMEAL”.   waste creation and dissemination, thusly recycling .

This is why we created the Water Reclamation Canister.  It is an interactive water reclamation system, IE: liquid trash can.  The very first step in preventing  “ trash or post-packaging “ from becoming “ garbage “.  We recognize that the mixing of water in the form of ice with paper, animal and vegetable waste products causes toxic liquids and garbage to accumulate in the bottom of most ” black liner bags”.        Because modern waste retrieval systems do not provide proper liquid receptor mechanism to deal with liquids, until now.  The WRC most important invention since the “ice cube”.  Because there’s more liquids in garbage than solids.

My book entitled ” The Aftermeal ” explains options to the landfill, such as composting, vermiculture and the value of trash or post-packaging.  And how to avoid creating garbage.  Your purchase of a book will enable us to speedily go into manufacturing and production of the WRC.  Follow me on twitter ”  @djslocker ” and FB ” @OMTSYSTEM “.  I will soon start speaking seminars and lecturing tours to talk and inform the public about the hazards of garbage and how to avoid creating it.  Book signings and speakings engagements can be arranged vi email to daveslocker@aol.com


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